The Grand Prize Winner

of Rotary's 2018

Ducky Wucky River Race is ....

Jo-Anne Poirier

of Lunenburg, Mass.

Congratulations from

the Rotary Club of ayer, harvard, shirley & Devens.

Thank you to all for your support!

(NOTE: The Ayer Rotary Club will contact all prize winners by phone or email.  

Please wait for a Rotarian to contact you.

Please only contact Ayer Rotary Club about your prize if you have not heard

from an Ayer Rotarian by June 15.  If you do not respond to the message left by

a Rotarian, we will be unable to issue the prize. Unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.)

The runner up prize winners are:

2018 Ducky Wucky Runners Up.PNG